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The Whiz

  • is a novel yet amazingly practical personal transportation vehicle that promotes health and mobility.

  • is a human powered tricycle with an electric motor assist. The rider is largely surrounded by an aero dynamic plastic shell designed to shield the user from car traffic and rain fall. A clear windshield and open sides enhance the "wind in your face" experience of the outdoors. A strategically padded interior, restraining seat belt, rear view and side mirrors, running lights and turn signals emphasize our commitment to user safety.

Functional definition

The Whiz is an adult tricycle with an electric motor assist featuring a three quarter shell for protection from minor accidents and rain. Its seat belt harness, helmet, bumpers, mirrors and lights provide additional safety. There are storage compartments under and behind the seat, an interior tray, and attachment points for optional baskets that can be mounted forward and aft on the vehicle's body.

Value to society

The Whiz is a green vehicle that supports personal fitness and a healthy vision of the urban environment. If used in appreciable numbers, it could reduce health care costs substantially, revolutionize local community planning and , when supplanting car costs, save a family enough money to send their children to higher education or occupational training.

Salient features

Mobility, fitness, safety.
All contribute to a greener environment by reducing pollution and congestion, and a more economical mode of personal transportation in local settings.

Sales prospects

Anticipated markets could be:

  • Seniors in retirement communities
  • Vehicles for advertising
  • Second car replacement in relaxed driving environments
  • Commercial and academic campuses
  • Resorts
  • Bike touring clubs
  • Users of municipal sponsored bike lanes to alleviate traffic congestion
  • Vacation areas
  • Local postal and meter maid vehicles

Proof of Concept

HandiWhiz will allow the wheel chair bound to “cycle” or “handcycle” to new job opportunities in their cities just like other cyclists do

With the HandiWhiz the wheel chair bound can greatly expand their possibilities for work in the trades and professions.

HandiWhiz is a legal bike, fits into bike lanes where established and can transport the driver for miles.

Where ever two wheeled bikes can go so can the HandiWhiz.

The wheel chair bound need not be dependent on public funds, they can be business owners, employees of companies removed from their neighborhoods.

The new found mobility through The Whiz will change lives.

Cities all over the world are building bike lanes, bike parking, recharging stations are coming. The Whiz has a hub electric motor.

Beyond Pollution and Urban Vehicular Congestion: The Whiz

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Whiz Family:

... all benefit from the same safety features, are legal bicycles and can use any bike lane.

E-Whiz illustrates the basic concept of the Whiz Family: Mobility and Exercise by power cycling in a protective shell. You can pedal and/or call on its 750 watt motor in any combination that suits the terrain.

WhizKid is a little longer to fit children, the pet and packages……….always in a protective shell with a wrap around bumper, interior padding and a three point harness.

CargoWhiz is even a little longer with space for a delivery business and protection from the elements.

HandiWhiz is the champion of the wheelchair bound. The back of the protective shell pivots down to become a ramp for entry and exit. Now, the disabled can travel to employment, engage in business activities far from their neighborhood. Their world of opportunities has just become vastly larger.

experience the possibilities


bicycle lane thin

protective wrap around bumper & interior padding

pedal, hand cycle and/or electric motor

home outlet rechargeable

Integrate a Whiz in your life style, relieve congestion and pollution, gain mobility and exercise.

what people are saying

our team

Josh Lian

Josh is a talented designer with excellent computer software skills. He has a master degree in architecture and a bachelor degree in engineering. Before starting the Whiz project, he has worked as an architect at Perkins Will, a world leading architecture and design firm. He also founded a successful creative animation business, which helped him to master solid software skills and marketing strategies.

Josh's copntribution to the Whiz project include:

  • Researching ADA (American with Disabilities Act) standard for Accessible Design, Vehicle Safety Design, Vehicle and Parking regulations.
  • Sourcing material suppliers and component manufacturers worldwide for mass producing pre-sale models
  • Providing software support to the team in terms of 3d modeling, 3d printing, digital visualization, energy and resistance analysis, etc.

Gil Franco

Gil Franco is an Illustrator and 3D modeler living in New York City. Originally from Davis California, he has seven years of illustration experience and over ten years of 3D modeling experience. He is also an avid improviser, performing at various New York locations for the last two years.

David Grassi (Outside design consultant)

David been designing and planning communities car free for decades. He has patents and prototypes of sail boats, building components, travellers' safes, etc all intended to use materials efficiently.

Tatjana Royal

Tatjana has mastered many 3-dimensional rendering programs and now creates websites and web-based software.

Robert Jacques

Robert has had a passion for cycling and cycling culture for the last 30 years. He was a partner in the custom bicycles and components business "Majazo" in the late 90's He is active in local bike advocacy programs such as the "Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition". He is an accomplished Auto, and bicycle mechanic on top of having a degree in Architecture with a minor in Engineering, working as a licensed Architect in the State of California, with a National certificate from the NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards). Robert is a principal designer of the Whiz family, drawing on his experience in Architectural Design, Mechanical Engineering, and a thorough knowledge of bicycles.

Robert incorporated several design features that would make the product safer, easier to operate, and more attractive to potential customers such as:

  • A stable tricycle configuration
  • Limited slip differential for better traction from the two rear wheels
  • An internally geared hub for a wide range of ratios allowing maximum efficiency on fast level ground as well as ability to climb the steepest hills.
  • A CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) feature of the Internal Hub allows seamless transitions from one gear to the next.
  • A fully enclosed shell to keep weather out and protect legs, and feet from injury due to exposure to the ground
  • Carbon Fiber/Kevlar shell construction will make the Volt safer than the competition
  • Working headlights, and brake lights, designed to be used on bike paths, country roads, or any urban street without special licensing.
  • Smart phone Bluetooth connectivity to keep track of mileage, charge level, and GPS features.

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